Commitment to Safety

Safety is not just another consideration for us, it is our state of mind! Our products are geared towards parents and their babies, and as such, they must comply with the highest safety standards. Each product goes through stringent internal and external safety examinations to ensure its safety. We believe that there is no such thing as too safe… but we still strive to get there.

The Doona™ is the world’s first car seat to pass three safety standards; Car Seat, Stroller & Reclined Cradle. We also include a newborn infant insert with every Doona™ free of charge, this insert is designed to keep your little one’s spine in an ergonomic position when using the Doona™, please click here for more information.

Standards & Certifications

Doona™ has been tested to meet the stringent European standards for Car-Seats, Strollers, Reclined Cradles (EU).

To the best of our knowledge, it is the only product which simultaneously meets the quality and safety requirements of all the following standards: ECE R44, EN1888, EN12790.



Doona successfully passed all legally required compliance tests as well as additional tests above and beyond the requirements.

Doona complies with the highest EU, US and some other local standards*. As such, Simple Parenting conducted more than one hundred crash tests to ensure the baby’s safety and protection in a wide range of crash scenarios. On top of the compliance testing, Simple Parenting conducted numerous tests, in extreme conditions, to assure that Doona does not just meet the standards, but it exceeds them. The additional tests included collision at very high speeds, collision at freeze conditions, collision using a 3 year old dummy, and/or additional weights, etc.

Doona successfully passed all legally required compliance tests, as well as the beyond-compliance tests. In frontal collision tests (the most frequent type of car accident), Doona scored a high 5-star rating.

In addition to tests conducted in the leading labs in the US, Europe, and Asia, Simple Parenting established a fully automated, high-tech, in-house testing facility. In this facility, Simple Parenting continuously conducts more than 20 different tests, which are not part of the standard tests, to ensure durability over time, prevent consumer misuse, etc.

*There are slight differences between the products to match the local standards.


Doona + achieved excellent ratings in reviews done by Stifting Warentest, ADAC, OAMTC and NHTSA.


Stiftung Warentest, ADAC, OAMTC

On October, 2015, Doona + was reviewed by the independent German consumer testing organization Stifting Warentest, ADAC, and achieved excellent results. The Doona + was awarded a “2,4”, “Good” rating in the test, which was the highest score category awarded of the 45 tested car seats.

ADAC and their affiliates at the ICRT stated in their Car-Seat reviews that the Doona+ stands out in the following:

  • Very good results in frontal crash tests
  • Very low pollutant level
  • Very easy and secure seat installation
  • Low risk of incorrect operation
  • Simple harnessing of a child in the Doona
  • Good leg circulation
  • Good seating position for the child
  • Good space for the child
  • High quality workmanship
  • On November 2015, OAMTC ( Austrian Motoring Organisation) assessed Doona+ with the Isofix Base, in which it received a “Good” in the category of Auto touring.


NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, as described on their website, is responsible for reducing deaths, injuries and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes.

On October 2016 NHTSA evaluated and ranked Doona with 5 stars in their overall Ease of Use Rating.

More information about Doona Infant Car Seat rating by NHTSA

Aircraft Approval

Air travel with children is a common and growing practice these days, and experts agree that young children, restrained to their seat with a lap belt only or held in their parents’ arms, are the most unsafe passengers on the plane. In case of turbulence, flight through air pockets or emergency landings it is unlikely that a parent will be able to safely and effectively restrain the child. Flight safety experts encourage parents to take the highest safety measures and use an approved car seat to restrain the child throughout the flight.

DoonaTM is the ideal solution for air travel  and it has been certified by the US and European authorities for air travel.

Simple Parenting recommends contacting the airline in advance to ensure car seats are permitted on your flight and confirm the appropriate seat assignment.

For more information on how to install Doona™ Infant Car Seat on an aircraft, see Installation on Aircraft user guide.

Doona certificate by TUV

List of airlines that permits the use of car seats qualified by TUV

Child safety on the Federal Aviaton Administration website

Anti-Rebound Protection

Unlike typical car seats, Doona’s unique structure enables positioning the handle against the back of the seat of the car, thus providing the baby with exceptional Anti-Rebound protection. In case of a collision, the Anti-Rebound handle will absorb the impact and prevent the Doona™ from rotating quickly towards the back of the seat, thus dramatically reducing rebound injuries.

Fail-Safe Mechanisms

Two of the most common injury causes relating to Car Seats and Strollers are misuse and improper installation. With this in mind, the Doona™ Design and Engineering teams developed multiple fail-safe mechanisms to prevent misuse and assure safe operations. Among others, these mechanisms prevent the following:

  • Unintentional folding of the Doona
  • Sudden extension of the Doona handle while in carry mode
  • Rotation of the extended handle while Doona is in “on-the-go” mode

Side-Impact Protection

Doona’s unique double wall structure, which enables the folding of its wheels into the Doona™ body, deliver an additional significant safety benefit. The two layers of durable, impact-absorbing plastic, along with additional layers of EPS, foam and textiles provide enhanced side- impact protection which better protects the baby in case of an accident.

Baby-Safe Materials

All materials used by Simple Parenting are carefully tested and approved under the strictest European standards and the REACH regulation, including SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern). Not only are the materials used free of any hazardous chemicals, they are also tested for their durability and quality to assure the safe and continuous use of the products.



Suitability: The Doona™ ISOFIX Base is compatible with the Doona™ Infant Car Seat and is intended for Rear-Facing use only.

Group: 0+

Weight: Birth up to 13 kg.

Package Dimensions: 18.8 cm / 45 cm / 68.8 cm

Product Weight: 7.2 Kg


  • Based on Semi-Universal approval
  • “Normally open” mechanism, which locks only when putting the Doona on top of the ISOFIX base
  • Prominent support leg color indicator to avoid misuse

What is ISOFIX?

ISOFIX is an international standard for safely and easily attaching an infant car seat in vehicles without using the vehicle’s seat belts. Using ISOFIX connectors dramatically reduces installation errors and improves the safety of car seats.

The name ISOFIX comes from the merge between ISO (International Standardization Organization) and FIX (Fixation). The ISOFIX standard warrants two main safety elements:

  • Rigid ISOFIX connectors on the car seat base which connect to standard anchor points in the vehicle seat.
  • Reinforced adjustable support leg (also called foot-prop).

Some cars made prior to 2006, and all cars made from 2006 are equipped with ISOFIX anchor points.

What is Semi-universal approval

Semi-universal approval is when, in addition to the standard requirements, it requires the use of an additional safety or anti-rotation device-foot prop, which may affect compatibility with certain vehicles. It also requires additional testing.

Check if your vehicle appears on the Car Fitting List for that particular child seat.

Car Fitting List

Check our car fitting list to verify that the Doona ISOFIX Base fits your vehicle. Simple Parenting recommends trying the Doona in your car first at the retailer before purchasing.

Note: The Car Fitting List is based on information received from the different car manufacturers pertaining to certain dimensions in the different models. The list cannot be considered 100% accurate as there are slight variations between different models of the same cars, and between same models in different countries. The only way to assure that the Isofix fits your car is to verify this at the time of purchase by installing the base in the car.


Our ISOFIX Base offers secure one-click installation. Once the Base is secured to the ISOFIX anchors in the vehicle, coming and going is a breeze! Simply click the Doona Infant Car Seat onto the base and the color indicator will let you know that the seat is secured. When its time to exit the car, simply release and you are on your way! Safe. Simple. Mobile.

Product Overview

Installing the Doona ISOFIX Base in the vehicle

Removing the Doona ISOFIX Base from the vehicle

Installing the Doona car seat on the Doona ISOFIX Base

Removing the Doona car seat from the Doona ISOFIX Base