The testers said: "I think the product is brilliant! It's so easy to use, it folds and unfolds in a simple way and goes in the car great it's so safe and it's in a great position."
The testers said: "This is a great idea and quality item. Looks nice and love the colour. The instructions were very easy to follow on how to use the car seat and accessories."
The testers said: "This is a simple way for parents to transport baby from apartment to car to on the town strolling."
The testers said: "This products abilities make it an award winner in our minds, it is tough to beat it for the urban family on the go."
The testers said: “This product makes my life easier as a mum as it removes the need to have a separate pram base to adapt the seat into a pram or pushchair.”
The testers said: “A one-of-a-kind car seat and stroller combination, hailed as the ultimate travel system as it is a car seat that turns into a stroller.”
The testers said: “This product is ingenious - it solves the problem of needing a separate base to adapt the seat and turn it into a pushchair.”
The testers said: “Two basics in one: The combination of a baby protection shell for the car and a buggy offers maximum functionality, e.g. for running errands."
The testers said: “This product has taken the industry by storm not only winning the Innovation Award but also the BANTA Child Restraints Award."
The testers said: "This product is the “next generation car seat”, as it has integrated wheels, which means it transforms into a travel system at the touch of a button."
The testers said: "A clever, nicely-designed, easy alternative to a travel system, perfect for a quick trip out-and-about and those short on space."
The testers said: "I love it! As a car seat, it does what it says on the tin; and as a travel system, it’s nippy, light and simple-to-use."
The testers said: “Whilst at first sceptical regarding how easy it would be to use after the first go you realise it is just as simple and effective as it’s made to sound.”
The testers said: “Makes everyday life simpler, no more struggling in the rain while trying to unfold or fold your cumbersome travel system base.”
The testers said: "An ideal design solution to transporting your baby with ease and speed. Ideal for short journeys out and about."
The testers said: “This product transforms from the car seat mode to stroller mode quickly. Construction is sturdy and the item is well built."
The testers said: “The best part is my baby can continue sleeping in the seat without carrying him out as we head out of the house in stroller mode. All it takes is a click of a button, best design ever!"