Air travel with children is a common and growing practice these days, and experts agree that young children, restrained to their seat with a lap belt only or held in their parents’ arms, are the most unsafe passengers on the plane. In case of turbulence, flight through air pockets or emergency landings it is unlikely that a parent will be able to safely and effectively restrain the child. Flight safety experts encourage parents to take the highest safety measures and use an approved car seat to restrain the child throughout the flight.

DoonaTM is the ideal solution for air travel  and it has been certified by the US and European authorities for air travel.

Simple Parenting recommends contacting the airline in advance to ensure car seats are permitted on your flight and confirm the appropriate seat assignment.

For more information on how to install Doona™ Infant Car Seat on an aircraft, see Installation on Aircraft user guide.

Doona certificate by TUV

List of airlines that permits the use of car seats qualified by TUV

Child safety on the Federal Aviaton Administration website