Doona Liki Trike S1 VS Liki Trike S5

Doona Liki Trike S1 VS Liki Trike S5

The Doona Liki Trike is the world’s most compact folding trike. It folds and unfolds at a click of a button, meaning that it is a must-have for busy parents that are on the go. The Liki is a lifesaver whether you are heading into the city on public transport or travelling to a seaside resort. The Liki Trike is easy to fit into the boot of your car and next to your seat on the bus or metro link. It even fits into an aeroplane’s overhead bin, making it the perfect addition for your summer holiday. If you are already a fan of the Doona product range, you will know that there are three different models of the Liki Trike. To help you decide which trike is best suited to you and your toddler. We have dedicated this blog post to highlight the key features and benefits of the first model (S1) and the latest release (S5) and what makes them different to each other.

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Features and Benefits of the S1 and S5

Ready to go Straight out of the Box

Both the S1 and S5 Liki Trike come fully assembled. So that you and your and toddler can head off on an adventure straight away. It also means that you don’t have to worry about the Trike not being assembled correctly and can have full confidence that your little one is in safe hands.

It Grows with your Toddler

Unlike most products on the market, the Liki Trike has an innovative design that allows you to transform it into four different modes of use. This unique feature means the trike is suitable for children from 10 months to 3 years old.

Four Modes of Use

Stage 1 (Parent Mode): 10-18 months – Multi-position reclining Backrest, Parent control bar, Footrest, Armrest, Canopy.

Stage 2 (Push Mode): 18-24 months – Multi-position reclining Backrest, Parent control bar, Footrest.

Stage 3 (Tricycle Mode): 24-30 months – Multi-position reclining Backrest, Parent control bar, Pedals.

Stage 4 (Bike Mode): 30-36 months – Lower Backrest, Pedals.

Encourages Physical and Mental Development

Introducing the Doona Trike to your child at 10 months old is a great way to support their physical and mental development. It is an exciting time for you and your little one as they become more curious about the world around them and want to explore their independence. However, their eagerness to explore can lead to anxious parents. Here is where the Liki Trike comes to the rescue. The parent control bar gives you the control while your toddler gets to take in the scenery of the outdoors. Thanks to the different modes of use, the Liki Trike allows you to gradually increase their independence when you feel they’re ready.

Toddlers are known for their endless amounts of energy. They can easily lose interest or become frustrated with the task that they are doing. So, a trike is a great way to keep them entertained and help them use up some of their energy. It also strengthens their muscles and improves their balance, helping them learn motor skills and more.

Two twins in the Liki Trike S1 side by side


What Makes the S5 Different?

As discussed above, the S1 and S5 have a lot of similarities. Several additional handy features make the S5 Liki Trike different to the S1. Included with the S5 are two bags. One is for storing the trike, and the other is a travel bag for any essentials you need while on the move. Another handy addition to the S5 is a cup holder for your little one’s drink. The latest model also features elements to make your toddler’s time in the trike even more comfortable, such as a padded armrest and shoulder pads. Other new additions are the pedal straps, wooden handlebars and a 5 point harness.

S5 Liki Trike Additional Features

  • Premium storage bag.
  • Travel bag.
  • Cup holder.
  • Padded armrest.
  • Shoulder pads.
  • Pedal straps.
  • Wooden handlebars.
  • 5 point harness.

 The S5 is available in two colours, Nitro Black and Racing Green, whereas the S1 is available in Grey Hound and Red Flame. However, if you want to make a statement why not opt for the Limited Edition Gold S5. This model has all the brilliant features of the S5 with stylish gold detailing.

Limited Edition Gold Liki Trike S5

Parenting Made Easier

The S1 and S5 may have several different features. But the aim of them, like all Doona products, is to make parenting easier. Being a parent is hard enough without worrying about how you will fit your little one’s trike in the car or how difficult it will be to put together. Let us know in the comments below which Liki Trike you will be taking with you on your next adventure.

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