Is the Doona™ safe?

Doona™ is the only product to pass both ECE R44/04 Car seats and BSEN1888:2012 Pushchair stroller tests. Simple Parenting’s Engineering, Safety and Medical experts spent eight years developing Doona™. Their key focus was ensuring that a baby is safe and comfortable both inside and outside the car. The Doona is a safe alternative to your existing infant 0+ car seat only. In addition Doona has been safety tested by ADAC scoring the same safety standards and grades as the leading car seat brand in the marketplace. Furthermore free with every Doona is the Newborn insert that has been developed to provide a near flat ergonomic position for your baby and ensures the neck and spine are aligned in an ergonomic position. Doona makes everyday simple parenting safer:

  • Safer at the petrol station to pop in and pay
  • Safer to use on stairs or escalators, at home, in your flat or at the tube station
  • Safer to use in a taxi, friends car, on the bus, tram, train or plane when your pram and cot are in the boot or stowage.
  • Ease of use for the school run or popping to the shop.

Like all infant car seats, Doona™ is not intended for the baby to be in all day. Similar to a lie back new born stroller, the angle of the Doona’s™ orthopaedic back rest and padding, coupled with the shape of the shell provides maximum comfort and safety for your infant, with a previously unattended level of convenience and flexibility. Safety was and is our #1 concern and will continue to be so. The Doona is here to help make parents day to day life more safe and simple.

Safety Information

What is the Newborn Infant Inset and what is its purpose?

Free with every Doona is the Newborn insert that has been developed to provide a near flat ergonomic position for your baby and ensures the neck and spine are aligned in an ergonomic position. The Insert has been designed to be used from birth onwards and can be removed from around 11lbs (5KG) onwards to ensure comfortable growth.

Further Information:

How do I install the Doona™ into my car?

The Doona™ can be installed with a 3-point vehicle seat belt or with a Doona™ ISOfix base (sold separately) for added safety and convenience, reducing the risk of installation errors.

Link to Support Video “How to Install”

How much does the Doona™ weigh?

The Doona™ weighs 6.5 kg, which is lighter than the current heaviest car seat. Uniquely, the Doona™ only requires to be lifted it in and out of the car as the integrated wheels can be unfolded and convers the Doona™ into a push-along stroller.

Are the wheels integrated?

The Doona’s wheels are fully integrated and at the touch of the button, the wheels will unfold converting the car seat into a stroller and can be simply folded away again within seconds.

What age range is the Doona™ designed for?

The Doona™ is suitable from birth – approx. 15 months (13kg).

What car seat Group is the Doona™?

The Doona is a group 0+ rear-facing car seat.

Is the Doona™ rearward or forward facing?

The Doona is a rearward facing car seat. It is recommended that you should keep your baby in a group 0+ rear-facing car seat for as long as possible as this is the safest way of transporting your baby in the car. You should only move them onto the next car seat once they have reached the weight limit of that seat, or the crown of their head is level with the top of the car seat.

What accessories are available?

The Doona™ and matching accessories are available in 6 colours: Love, Storm, Dune, Sky, Night and Sweet.


Can parts be replaced?

In the unlikely event that you may need to replace any part of your Doona™ then please contact CuddleCo’s customer service where we have a full range of replacements available: customerservice@cuddleco.co.uk.


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What do I do if the Doona™ is involved in a car crash?

As with any car seat, if your Doona™ is involved in a car accident then violent stresses occur and we recommend that you dispose of car seat.

Can I still use my Doona™ if it is broken?

We recommend that you should not use your Doona™ if any components are broken or missing.

When should I use the brake?

The Doona™ brake should be used when outside the car, always use the parking brake when placing and removing the child from the Doona™ car seat, or when standing still.

How do I loosen the shoulder strap?

Press the harness release button and at the same time pull both shoulder straps towards you.

How do I tighten the shoulder strap?

Pull the harness tightening strap until the harness lies flat and is in contact with your baby’s body.

How can I contact CuddleCo?

Our Customer Services are open from 09:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday. You can contact us via email using customerservice@cuddleco.co.uk or via phone on +44 (0) 161 702 5057.

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