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How To Teach A Child To Ride A Bike

As a parent, you will experience so many precious bonding moments with your little one. When your baby learns new things, it's such an exciting experience for you both. Teaching your child to ride a bike is one of the most magical and unforgettable bonding experiences. We all remember the excitement of learning to ride a bike for the first time and pedaling to go faster.

The idea of learning to ride a bike can make kids nervous at first. So we have created this guide on how to teach a child to ride a bike with our top tips to make the experience easier for everyone.

When is the Right Time to Learn to Ride a Bike?

The best time to teach your child to learn to ride a bike is dependent on your kid's abilities. The child is ready when they are able to hold the handles of the bike and use their feet to pedal. Their cognitive development needs to be in a place where they want to learn new things too. 


dad pushing son on trike in empty car park.

Start Off With A Baby Trike

At the age of around 1 years old, a baby trike is the perfect first introduction to bike riding. You can use baby trikes with a parenting handle so you can control the steering. The arm rests act as side bars, so your little one won't be scared of falling off the trike.

Although you are pushing the trike, they can learn to start pedaling too. To build their confidence, your little one can turn the handlebars so they get used to the feeling of riding. However, in parent mode, it is only you that is controlling the direction and pace. The steering is disengaged so your little one won't affect the steering of the trike.

A Doona Liki Trike is perfect for building your child's confidence as they learn to ride a bike. It has different modes that adapt as your little one advances their skillset, so you can give them more autonomy. By the time they have outgrown it, they’ll be more than ready to ride a kids bike! 


Get the Right Kids Bike

Once your toddler is ready for their first bike, choose one that is right for them. They should be able to put their feet on the ground on both sides, and reach the handles comfortably.

Avoid going for a large bike, as it makes learning to ride harder. You'll also need to get them a safety helmet, and some elbow and knee pads so they don't get hurt!


Ride On Flat Open Areas

Where a child learns to ride, will make a huge difference in their success. Choose an open, flat area with a smooth surface. Riding a bike on grass or other terrain is much harder. Be sure to avoid busy areas, main roads and narrow pathways. Try to find an empty car park or tennis court.


Teach Them One Skill At A Time

Start with holding the bike or letting your kid hold onto the handlebars and use their feet to walk about and get a feeling for riding. Make sure they master this before moving on to the next skill. Once they master each skill individually, they’ll be able to put them together and ride in no time!

We hope you found our guide to teaching your baby to ride a bike useful. Follow these instructions and you and your children will be going on family bike rides in no time.


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